Fleet Operations & Data Collection

There is an old saying that you get out of something what you put into it. The same is true with your fleet appraisal. The more information that you can provide us with about your fleet the more accurate and complete your appraisal will be. In addition, the less information that we have to dig out during our site inspection or after the visit, the faster we can complete and deliver your appraisal.

The best way for us to collect much of the data is by is for you to click on the request a quote link and fill in the initial information. Once we receive your preliminary request, within a matter of hours, we will send you a detailed spreadsheet for you to complete about each vehicle. This data can make a huge difference in the result of your over appraisal value.

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Does a list of all the options on every bus really make a big difference in the overall fleet value?

Yes, indeed it can. Options such as wheel chair lifts can make a difference of 10’s of thousands of dollars per unit. Depending on the size of the fleet, that could mean millions of dollars spread across the fleet.

What about component mileage since rebuilds and overhauls?

Mileage can also make a sizable difference in the value of your fleet. If your major components have high miles, then they will be worth less money, however if they have low miles since a rebuild, then they will be worth more money. It really is worth the time to dig out the numbers so our work can be as thorough as possible.