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Bus Solutions, LLC (BSLLC) is a dedicated group of professionals that have spent their entire careers working in all aspects of the bus, coach, and transportation industry. Our management has worked in all areas of the bus and transportation industry from operations to sales; maintenance to publishing; finance to manufacturing and from executive searches to consulting. Dave W. Mendenhall founded the company's predecessor company Bus Book Publishing in 1987 in an effort to provide the industry with state-of-the-art information that was not available anywhere else.

Our first publication was The Official Bus Blue Book™, providing the industry with accurate commercial bus values of pre-owned buses. Then we introduced The Official School Bus Blue Book™, followed by Bus Weekly and The Bus Pages industry buyers guide and Bus Direct – Online. We then introduced the Bus Industry Annual Report, a complete market analysis of all four segments of the North American Bus and Coach Market. In addition, we started the premier bus appraisal company in the North America called Bus Appraisal Solutions, LLC and the highly acclaimed consulting company called Solutions Management Group, LLC which is a talented group of retired Presidents, CEOs, CFO, and folks that specialize in various disciplines and areas of expertise.

That is just the beginning. Unlike other industry publishing firms, we have remained highly focused for the last three decades and have certainly had a significant impact on the bus and coach market in North America.

While based in Portland, Oregon, we travel extensively around North America to provide solutions to complex industry problems. Our team brings a great wealth of knowledge to the table to assist you in making solid business decisions.

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Our Staff

Dave W. Mendenhall – President Bus Solutions, LLC


Sherri L Mendenhall – Vice President

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Rich Hill - Director of Asset Management

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Victory Alexander - Administrative Assistant

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