Bus Appraisal Solutions Tackles 3500 School Bus Reviews

McMinnville, Oregon - Bus Appraisal Solutions. Inspection teams are assembled and heading out to the mid west to undertake a sizable appraisal assignment of over 3500 school buses.


Senior inspector and Director of Asset Management, Richard Hill (shown here at right), is looking forward to the next 12 days spending time with the client and their team.  "I love seeing new innovations in asset preservations that our clients deploy. It's a lot like living in a class room."


Even though The "A" Team arrived at 3:30 am to catch their flight to St. Louis on Sunday morning, they were excited to get to work. With multiple teams and 12 days to review over 3,500 units, the team becomes very adept at sleeping on flights and in rental cars (when they are NOT Driving).


Entry level inspector Alex Helms is quoted as saying,  "We are very aggressive in the field and pay a great deal of attention to details of how the fleet is maintained and cared for".

The components of a truly valuable appraisal include comprehensive reporting on fleet care, condition of the equipment, and operating environment history. By providing this solid reporting, we include all the data needed to give our customers the advantage in buying and purchasing decisions.

In addition to our comprehensive reporting and the field work required to obtain the data, we also provide clear and effective communication of the information. This leads to a greater understanding of the assets, and how they can be utilized in any transaction.

Bus Appraisal Solutions has been providing  appraisal work to the industry for 30 years.
For more information, call 503-883-6300 to see how they can help you.



2013 E-450 Ford Limousine Black Bus. Bumper to Bumper Warranty for 15 Months or 15,000 Miles.  20 passenger co-pilot seat up front, iPod hookups, TV, CD, DVD, lighting, window shades, divider door.  Excellent condition.  21,000 miles  $74,900.  Call Jeff: 330-369-4847


Looking for 2 or 3 low mile 2008 to 2012 MCI J4500 motor coaches with wheel chair lifts. Please send photos and pricing to blindbus@bussolutions.com  and buyers will contact you.


Busy bus operator looking to purchase a set of used 4 or 6 post wheel lifts. Must be in good working order and must be able to certify.  Send description to: blindbus@bussolutions.com


MCI F-3500 fire bus. Many good body panels, interior, package racks, mirrors, baggage doors and glass.  MCI J-4500 accident bus. Many good baggage doors, glass, seats, package racks, complete drive train (engine, transmission, rear-end, tag assemblies, engine doors, radiators, fan drives, air conditioning condensers.
for photos and more details.

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  Record 10.8 BILLION Trips Taken on Public Transit in 2014
Americans took 10.8 billion trips on public transportation in 2014, which is the highest annual public transit ridership number in 58 years, according to a report released Sunday by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

"In 2014, people took a record 10.8 billion trips on public transportation - the highest annual ridership number in 58 years," said Phillip Washington, APTA chair and CEO/GM of the Regional Transportation District in Denver. "Some public transit systems experienced all-time record high ridership last year.


This record ridership didn't just happen in large cities. It also happened in small and medium size communities."

Bus ridership decreased nationally by 1.1%. However, in small and medium size population groups, bus ridership saw percentage increases of 2.0 and 0.5 respectively. The following cities showed the highest large bus ridership increases in 2014: Baltimore, Md. (6.8%); Portland, Ore. (5.3%); Oakland, Calif. (4.2%); San Francisco (3.9%); Columbus, Ohio (3.0%); Atlanta (2.8%); San Diego (2.4%); and Seattle -King County DOT (2.0%).    Read entire article >

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