Make Year Model Unit # Location
MCI 2008 D4505 58487 - On Special! TX
MCI 2002 E4500 61768 TX
Prevost 2007 X3-45 28883 NJ
MCI 2000 102EL3 61122 NJ
MCI 2009 J4500 65410 FL
MCI 2003 J4500 62393 NJ
MCI 1999 102DL3 52003 - On Special! NJ
MCI 2006 J4500 63683 LA
Setra 2005 S417 00272 - On Special! FL
Setra 2005 S417 00215 LA

  ABC Companies sells Ameritrans Bus assets

From Metro:

ABC Companies announced the recent sale of assets of Ameritrans Bus in Elkhart, Ind. In an overall business review, it was determined this division no longer fit in ABC's overall growth strategy.

ABC will continue to provide parts and warranty support for Ameritrans products.

ABC Companies sells Ameritrans Bus assets

“The sale of Ameritrans is an important strategic step,” states Jon Savitz, sr. VP, business development, for ABC Companies. “In line with our strategy planning, ABC will continue to concentrate on our core business offering, in particular, the service and parts businesses which are essential to supporting our customers’ operations.”

ABC Companies is a leading provider to the transportation industry with diverse product and service offerings that cover a full spectrum of operational needs, including new and pre-owned highway coach equipment and specialty vehicles.............   READ MORE >

  Top 10 projects halted by NJ Transit totals close to $142M

Top 10 projects halted by NJ Transit totals close to $142M

From:  Metro and True Jersey Dot Com:

NEWARK, N.J. - NJ Advance Media released a list of the 10 largest NJ TRANSIT projects to be shut down due to the lack of funding for the state’s Transportation Trust Fund, including the $12.9 million Morris Ave Bridge Reconstruction project.

Altogether, the list totals close to $142 million in projects.

As of Friday, NJ Transit and the state Department of Transportation have a week to review and decide how to spend what's left of the Transportation Trust Fund. As reported on True Jersey Dot Com:

Summit's Morris Avenue Bridge replacement project is on the list of "nonessential state-funded projects" scheduled to be frozen after a legislative stalemate on a how to fund the state's Transportation Trust Fund.   The bridge connects the two halves of the city and is located above the Morris & Essex rail line.  It's been closed since August 2015.  The listed reason for the closure is "rehabilitation to improve structural integrity, increase load carrying capacity, and improve traffic, pedestrian and railroad safety," according to the city's website.   The work was scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2017.

"For the last year, Summit has done its best to deal with congestion, re-routed truck traffic and strain on multiple neighborhoods and businesses as this main artery connecting two halves of our city is repaired," Mayor Nora Radest and City Council President Mike McTernan said in a letter to TAP into Summit. "To have this work stopped will place an additional burden on our city. The difference in how the State of New Jersey functions versus how local government functions could not be clearer. Our local citizenry holds us to a high standard and has an expectation that problems are addressed promptly and avoid crisis situations whenever possible."

Beginning today, NJ Transit the state Department of Transportation will have a week to review and decide how to spend what's left of the Transportation Trust Fund.       READ MORE >


  CH Bus Sales delivers Temsa TS 45 to Orlando, FL

CH Bus Sales delivers Temsa TS 45 to Orlando, Fla.

Orlando, Fla.’s Stylus Transportation Corp. recently took delivery of its sixth Temsa TS 45 from CH Bus Sales.

The company first purchased the 56-passenger Temsa vehicle in February of 2016. Features on these coaches include the Cummins/Allison drivetrain, 110-volt plugs, USB ports, Alcoa wheels, and an REI Elite system. Two of the six Temsas are ADA-accessible with a wheelchair lift.

The world class Temsa TS 45 coach is a totally integral full-size coach that offers a luxurious and spacious interior for passengers and drivers. The TS 45 is constructed from stainless steel for extra durability and strength and comes with three-point.....    READ MORE >

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