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  Utah Transit to add 35 more 60-foot New Flyer Xcelsiors

Utah Transit to add 35 more 60-foot New Flyer Xcelsiors

From "Metro":

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) awarded New Flyer a contract for up to 35 (or 70 equivalent units or EUs) 60-foot New Flyer Xcelsior® diesel-electric hybrid buses.

The contract includes a firm order for 25 (50 EUs) 60-foot diesel-electric hybrid buses and options to purchase an additional 10 (20 EUs) New Flyer 60-foot XDE60 buses over the next five years.

The firm and option quantities for this award were mentioned in the company's 2016 third quarter results announced on Nov. 11, 2016 , and therefore, have already been..........  READ MORE >

  BC Transit to rollout camera systems across entire bus fleet

From  Kamloops Today, BC:

BC Transit says a pilot program that put closed-circuit cameras into 25 Kamloops buses is successful enough to roll out across the province.

Cameras were also installed in 83 Victoria buses for the yearlong pilot program, which ran from April 2015 to April 2016.

John Palmer, director of safety and emergency management for BC Transit, said

drivers reported about 1,400 incidences, more than 500 of which were investigation by the company, police or ICBC.  About 500 of the incidences came from Kamloops.

Reports included five assaults on transit drivers, Palmer said, all of which were successfully prosecuted. 
There were also 40 liability claims in which footage showed ..............   READ MORE >

  BusCon opens 2017 "Call for Papers"

From  Metro:

BusCon is working on its 2017 schedule and looking for ideas. If you would like to help lead the conversation as a presenter, we want to hear from you.

You will need to submit the Title of the suggested presentation, a three sentence summary of an unbiased session idea, the names, titles and organizations of the speaker(s), and their contact information.

Ideas should be submitted in the body of an email to Amy Lanphear, conference manager, at amy.lanphear@bobit.com.  Once you submit a session idea, you will receive an email confirming its receipt. When the schedule has been finalized..............   READ MORE >

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