The Bus Blue Book

The Complete Used School Bus Valuation Guide

The Official

School Bus Blue Book™

The Official School Bus Blue Book™ is a complete used school bus valuation guide. Bus Solutions has been providing professionals with accurate used school bus pricing information for more than ten years. The book gives you benchmark pricing on thousands of used school buses throughout North America and Canada. In addition, the publication has great historical value providing information regarding both manufacturing dates and specifications.



What Kind of Information is in the Book?

  • Lists all major school bus manufacturers and includes all types of school buses:
    • Type A-1 and A-2
    • Type B
    • Type C (Conventional)
    • Type D (Transit Style)
  • Nationwide average retail and wholesale values for all school buses produced over the last 15 years.
  • Detailed schedules for options, engines and transmissions.
  • Published annually in April. The values are reflective of actual sales transactions during the previous year.

Using The School Bus Blue Book™

The Official School Bus Blue Book™ is divided by Style of bus - Style A-I, A-1I, B, C or D. To value a specific piece of equipment, first determine the bus Style using the Style table located in the front of the book. Then turn to the section for that specific style. Values are sorted by Body Manufacturer, then Body Model, then Chassis Manufacturer, then Seating Capacity and, finally, by Year.

It is also important to include values for options, engine and transmission as either additions or subtractions to the Wholesale and Retail values in order to arrive at an accurate vehicle price. The Options, Engine and Transmission schedules are located behind the base value pages. If you have any questions on how to use this publication, please feel free to call us at (866) 378-7100.

Used properly, this publication can help you maximize profit when selling and keep you from overpaying when purchasing used buses. The Official School Bus Blue Book™ is a reflection of the previous year's sales transactions. It is not a projection or forecast. The appraisers at Bus Solutions have proven models that can provide an accurate residual forecast for the purposes of lending.

Prices are based on school buses as normally equipped. Special or custom items and converted buses are not dealt with here. Buses are priced in "ready to operate condition" with all components in good working order.

Be aware that many buses operate on leased tires, which may or may not be sold with the bus. Buying the balance of the lease on the tires could add several thousand dollars to the price, so be sure to ask about this issue prior to any transaction.


School Bus Blue Book™ Styles

At the 13th National School Transportation Conference in May 2000, conferees revised the GVWR ratings for Type A-I and A-II school buses. Previously, Style A-II was the smaller bus with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs. or less, while the Style A-I had a GVWR of 10,001 lbs. or more. The revised designations adopted at the conference reverse the weight ratings. Style A-I is now the smaller bus, while Style A-II has the greater GVWR.


A conversion or body constructed upon a van-type compact truck or a front-section vehicle (cutaway), designed for carrying eight (8) to twenty-four (24) persons, and having a GVWR of 10,000 lbs. or less.


Like a Style A-I, but constructed on a heavy duty chassis with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 10,001 lbs. or greater. Because of the chassis, the useful and economic lifespan of a Style A-1I is usually greater than that of a Style A-I school bus.


A conversion or body constructed and installed upon a van or front-section vehicle chassis, or stripped chassis, designed for carrying between eighteen (18) and thirty-two (32) persons. Part of the engine is beneath and/or behind the windshield and beside the driver's seat. The entrance door is behind the front wheels.


A body installed upon a flat back cowl chassis, designed for carrying between thirty (30) and seventy-two (72) persons. All of the engine is in front of the windshield and the entrance door is behind the front wheels.


A body installed upon a chassis, with the engine mounted in the front, midship, or rear, designed for carrying more than fifty-four (54) persons. The engine may be behind the windshield and beside the driver's seat; it may be at the rear of the bus, behind the rear wheels; or it may be located midship between the front and rear axles. The entrance door is ahead of the front wheels.

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