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The Official

Bus Blue Book™

The Official Bus Blue Book™ is a complete used bus valuation guide. The book gives you benchmark pricing on thousands of used coaches throughout North America and Canada. In addition, the publication has great historical value providing information regarding both manufacturing dates and specifications. The Official Bus Blue Book™ is geared towards companies and individuals directly related to the Bus and Coach Industry.

Dealers, insurance companies, lending institutions, operators and anyone needing to determine exposure and evaluate or appraise coaches have all found that The Official Bus Blue Book™ is a powerful source of used bus information.

The writers and gatherers of the data that go into The Official Bus Blue Book™ publication have over 60 years combined experience in the bus and coach industry with over 25 years experience directly relating to this type of publication.

Bus Solutions is continuing the tradition began seventeen years ago by providing professionals like you with accurate used bus pricing information.



What Kind of Information is in the Book?

  • Current high, low and average retail values for all makes and models of used buses including:
    • Intercity buses
    • Mid-size buses
    • Transit buses
    • Trolley buses
    • Mini buses
  • The book contains detailed options, mileage and major component schedules information including the most recent 25 years' worth of equipment.
  • Over 8300 different makes and models of buses.
  • Over 110 manufactures represented.
  • Over 700 different models.
  • Published semi-annually, in March and September. The March edition is reflective of actual sales transactions during the previous July-December period. The September edition is reflective of actual sales transactions during the previous January-June period.

Using The Bus Blue Book™

Getting a value for your bus from The Official Bus Blue Book™ is simple and easy. To value a specific coach, refer to the Table of Contents to find the MAKE of the vehicle in question. Each MAKE is listed by MODEL and YEAR. Each entry will show important data about the coach, as well as give a HIGH RETAIL as well a LOW RETAIL value. The coach value could be anywhere between these two numbers, depending upon its condition.

Each entry will also identify if a bus is a Transit, Intercity, Mid-Size, Mini-Bus, Theme Trolley or MAXI Van. Expanded option schedules for each type of bus are found in the back of the publication. It is important to include the option values, either as additions or subtractions, to the low and high retail values in order to arrive at an accurate range for the vehicle price. A simple worksheet located in the back of the book will take you through the process step by step. If additional help is required, please feel free to call us at 800-775-4577.

Prices are based on coaches as normally equipped. Special or custom items and conversion coaches are not dealt with here and will probably need an appraisal. High Retail values assume the coach is in "Ready to Operate" condition with all components in good working order. In addition it assumes the unit has little or no body damage, a clean and unworn interior, and good tires and is ready to go to work.


Special Note About The Bus Blue Book™

Be aware that many coaches operate on leased tires, which may or may not be sold with the coach. Buying of the balance of the lease on the tires could add several thousand dollars to the price.

When determining the actual value of a particular vehicle, it is very important to note that a variety of market conditions will affect prices. The time of year, availability and demand of particular models and geographical location need to be considered. These and other conditions may increase or decrease the stated value range of a particular coach.

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