Inspection Team

Your inspection team is a dedicated group of professionals that have spent their entire careers working in all aspects of the bus, coach, and transportation industry. In addition to our full time staff, we have a number of part time guys scattered around the country who are also very experienced and work for us on an as needed basis.

Our team members are dedicated to getting your inspection done in a timely basis. This means that you may not always see them because they may work at night, on the weekends, and at various intervals in a 24 hour period in order to catch vehicles when they are in the yards, being serviced or being maintained.

There are occasions when we run into weather that is just too rough for our team to be safely out in the elements. While our inspectors are not afraid of weather, there are times that the senior inspector has to make a decision to pull the team off of a job for their own safety. Thunder storms, lightning strikes, tornados, whiteouts, dust and hail storms and hurricanes can disrupt our inspection operations and may add hours or days to our field work.

Rest assured that the senior inspector assigned to your appraisal will keep you up to speed on their progress.

Inspection Team FAQs

Can I get a better looking inspection team?

I am sure you could, but the one that we send you really are the best in the industry.

Will your team work in cold weather?

Absolutely, our team works under all kinds of conditions. The only time the senior inspector assigned to the inspection will pull them off of a job, is when the weather becomes too dangerous for our team to be in the field. That being said, weather, hot or cold, snow or ice, intense rain or wind may slow down their inspection progress and cause us to take longer to accomplish the work. This may cause additional cost to the overall appraisal. Unfortunately, we have no control over the weather.

Will your team be disruptive to my operation?

As a rule of thumb, our teams have been trained to do inspections around busy bus yards for years. Most of our inspection teams' staff members understand that operators make money when buses are operating. We go to great lengths to avoid disrupting the company’s operation, dispatch schedules and shop schedules. Sometimes things cannot be avoided the (BASLLC) team goes the extra mile to get in, get the job done and get out of your hair. Sometimes that means our team will work at night, weekends, forgo sleep in order to accomplish the goals without interrupting operations.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night...
will stop a Bus Appraisals Team.