Lenders (Appraisals for Lenders)

Our goal is to help you see buses the way we see buses and to provide you with timely accurate information on which to help you make the best lending decisions possible.

Unlike other forms of transportation, traditionally buses have long term useful and economic lifespan. We will provide you with the 30 years of experience and the historical data to back up our findings and valuations. In addition, we have defined key areas of the overall North American Bus Market and have written numerous documents to support our findings over the years.

We will also be your eyes and ears in the field to determine the environment in which the assets you are lending against are being used and cared. Overall we see most operators do a great job of caring for their equipment, but in over 30 years we have seen it all. No one wants to discover that their assets are being neglected, have been cannibalized, or are growing vegetation. We will ask the tough questions and review the operator’s preventive maintenance programs, procedures and practices. Then we will test those procedures to ensure that those procedures are being followed through on a consistent basis.

In addition to extensive and accurate appraisal modeling, we can also provide you with the following information and services:

  • Useful and economic life spans by type of equipment and application
  • Industry health information
  • Market analysis
  • Review of the company’s USDOT scores
  • Identification of areas of concerns that you should be aware of as the fleet ages
  • Lease-end return condition assessments
  • Use and maintenance terms and condition developments and enforcements
  • Lease-end remarketing strategies and assistance
  • Expert witness assistance
  • Preventive Maintenance assessments


How soon can you get this appraisal done?

In most cases we can get started on your assignment very quickly. Remember that we are highly focused, relatively small appraisal house that only focuses the North American Bus and Coach Market. This means that we are very good at what we do, but there are times we might have backlog that will require us to get creative in our scheduling. Our goal is to provide you outstanding analysis in a timely manner.

Why should we hire your firm?

Unlike other appraisal firms, our only discipline for the last three decades has been the intense study of the North American Bus and Coach Market. When you study something for 30 years you tend to get really good at what you do. Bus Appraisal Solutions has the depth and knowledge of the market, the assets, and the environment in which the assets are used. We will provide findings in a meaningful way so that you can clearly understand the value of the assets in question and how those assets are being cared for.

How often should I have you review the equipment?

Unless there are special circumstances, most lenders have us perform a yearly appraisal of the equipment in their portfolio. Unlike other forms of transportation and machinery equipment, the North American Bus Market is relatively stable and reasonably slow to react to outside influences; hence an annual appraisal is usually sufficient.

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